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Stevenson Backtracks on Noise Comments

At the end of October, the MZone reported that Michigan Executive Assistant Athletic Director Michael Stevenson made comments that fan noise should be avoided at all costs, as it provides one team an unfair advantage in athletic competition.

The Michigan Review reports, however, that these statements were taken out of context, and Stevenson's comments were actually supposed to be responding to the framework of a rule that is no longer in existence, and don't reflect his actual opinions.
But those rules are no longer enforced by officials, and since fans no longer have to worry about incurring penalties against their own team for their rowdiness, fans should be involved and passionate, Stevenson said.
This should clear up any confusion about whether or not there is an institutional bias against fan noise at Michigan stadium. Whether or not they actively encourage it, of course, is a different issue altogether.

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“Stevenson Backtracks on Noise Comments”