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WOLV Top Ten

1. Ohio State (7)
2. LSU (1)
3. Boston College
4. Oregon
5. Oklahoma
6. Arizona State
7. West Virginia
8. Virginia Tech
9. Missouri
10. Florida

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“WOLV Top Ten”

  1. Anonymous formerlyanonymous Says:

    hmmm... no like florida at 10. I think the win over UK is overrated. Never liked kentucky.

    That said... USC? Yes the stanford loss was worth two losses, but its justifiable.

  2. Blogger Paul Says:

    There's a reason I didn't have Florida in my top ten. But it's not because I don't like Kentucky. I think they should end the year as a top 10-15 team. They don't have gimmicks, they're just generally better at football than the other team.

    Also... Kentucky's two losses are better than Florida's two losses. But Florida beat Kentucky. And SoCar could suck now?

    And USC? It's OK to play down and sleep walk through the first half when you can turn it on and DESTROY in the second half like USC teams have done the past couple years. (Un?)fortunately, this team plays two first halves each game.

    Very damning loss and no signature win. Nebraska win is looking *very* hollow.