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My WOLV Top Ten

This ballot is my personal opinion. Tim will probably post the final Top Ten tomorrow.

It really seems that are about 4-5 top ten teams, so after Oregon it's fairly arbitrary. I looked at the schedules, and I can't decide whether it's more important to win over cream-puffs or play well against good teams. Take Kentucky for instance. Despite the SoCar loss looking worse after their loss, it was still a largely fluky game against a team that, at that point, was playing like a top ten team. Florida also came out and played Kentucky tough the week after a brutal 3OT game (Woodson's back still has to be sore from the shot he took for the last TD). On the other hand, Boston College is undefeated, but decidedly pedestrian.

Oh well. Without further adieu:
  1. OSU
  2. LSU
  3. Oregon
  4. BC
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Arizona State
  7. Mizzou
  8. USF
  9. WVU
  10. Michigan
Some explanations may be in order. Top 5-6 I feel are fairly defensible. Mizzou's only loss was to Oklahoma and that was a fairly competitive game. And while their schedule besides OU is a bit light, they have looked impressive against the teams they have played, including getting Nebraska's AD fired.

I didn't like USF as a top 5 team. I thought their signiture win against WVU was fluky (mainly due to the Pat White injury), but I can respect them in the bottom half of the top ten. They have a solid defense (whose kryptonite appears to be Ray Rice) and a play-making QB. I still can't decide who I think will come out of the Big East.

Finally, I'm pretty sure having Michigan that high is blatant homerism (luckily I'm not eligible for the CK award), but I'll be damned if Michigan has looked like a top ten team of late. All five wins have been by double digits, and many games were more dominant than the scores appeared. Penn State, while close on the score board was the Wolverines clearly dominating. Offense has been explosive, and the defense has been absolutely lights out in the second half. Themes of this paragraph will be expanded on in a post later.

As always, feel free to tell me how wrong I am.

“My WOLV Top Ten”

  1. Anonymous formerlyanonymous Says:

    Huzzah Homerism! No love for Western Kentucky for leading the I-A independent standings? Tis a shame.

    Big East is going to be interesting.

    WVU has the toughest schedule yet. I see them losing either the Rutgers or the Cincy game. Less of a chance, but this year being what it is, a potential meltdown vs UConn. End up 10-2 (5-2)

    Rutgers' only threat is WVU. No worse than 9-3 (5-2).

    USF only's only hurdle is cincy... unless you believe in the play making QB theory (louisville). I can't see them losing both. Perhaps one or the other. 10-2 (5-2)

    I can't legitimately include UConn yet. It's like including hawaii in your top10. Its just no.

    If rutgers beats usf, usf beats wvu, and wvu beats rutgers, what's their tie-breaker?

  2. Anonymous formerlyanonymous Says:

    oh yea, and your wrong-ability:

    damn your homerism. it is the one spot I cannot ethically argue.

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    In the Big East, a three-way tie is decided by the which team is the most highly ranked if each team is 1-1 vs the other 2.