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Monday Depth Chart

Interesting notes from the depth chart revealed at today's press conference:
  • Henne and Hart both listed as starters.
  • Brett Gallimore back on offense, as 2nd string LG.
  • Obi Ezeh still starting in the middle over Johnny Thompson.
  • Jonas Mouton listed "or" with Brandon Logan as backup WLB.
  • Ciulla-Schilling right side of the OL.
  • Harrison-Hemingway as KR.
Carlos Brown was on KR against Minnesota, so his absence there this week probably doesn't mean anything about Mike Hart's status (i.e. wanting to keep Carlos healthy because he'll be the feature back). Brett Gallimore's re-switch to offense means that adequate depth has emerged on the DL. It also means that he probably won't be asked back for a fifth year.

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“Monday Depth Chart”