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Eligibility Chart Update: 10-17

Redshirts used/not used:

2007 Eligibility Expiration:
Jamar Adams
Chris Graham
Michael Hart
Chad Henne
All of these players have played this year, and will not be able to redshirt. Therefore, all 9 players with 2007 eligibility expiration will graduate this year.

2008 Eligibility Expiration:
Kevin Grady
Brandon Harrison
Brandon Logan
Mario Manningham
Austin Panter
Terrance Taylor
Kevin Grady has not played this year, and will likely redshirt unless there is a huge problem with healthy running backs later in the year (more on that later). His eligibility will likely be moved back to 2009 expiration. All other players will remain at 2008 eligibility expiration.

2009 Eligibility Expiration:
Justin Boren
Carlos Brown
Stevie Brown
Greg Mathews
Brandon Minor
Adam Patterson
All of these players have played extensively this year, and none will be eligible to redshirt.

2010 Eligibility Expiration:
Zion Babb
Artis Chambers
Toney Clemons
Marrell Evans
Vince Helmuth
J.R. Hemingway
Brandon Herron
Avery Horn
Mark Huyge
Ryan Mallett
James Rogers
Renaldo Sagesse
Steven Threet
Ryan VanBergen
Donovan Warren
Steve Watson
Martell Webb
Michael Williams
Troy Woolfolk
Babb and Chambers have played this year, but probably not enough to be ineligible for the Trademarked Michigan "injury" redshirt. Chambers's status is more up in the air because of his academic issue. Clemons, Helmuth, Hemingway, Mallett, Rogers, Sagesse, Warren, Webb, and Woolfolk have played enough (and late enough in the season) that they will not be able to redshirt.

This leaves Evans, Herron, Horn, Huyge, Threet, VanBergen, Watson, and Williams who are likely to redshirt (Threet has to because it is his transfer year).

If you notice anything wrong with what I've laid out here, please let me know.

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“Eligibility Chart Update: 10-17”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Morgan Trent?

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    This list is only players who hadn't yet used their redshirt years, as Trent did his freshman year.