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Recruiting Update: 9-28 Edition

Kenny Demens moved to "lean." He announces tomorrow (oddly, during the NW game). Removed a few guys committed elsewhere. Moved Brandom Smith and Vaughn Telamaque to leans. Moved J.B. Fitzgerald to committed (has it really been that long since I've done a recruiting post?


QB 1CommitsPresumed LeansProspectsLongshots

John Weinke

Steven Threet (07)

RB 1-2Sam McGuffie

Mike Cox

Christian Wilson

OL 4-5Dann O'Neill

Trevor Robinson
Zebrie Sanders

Elliott Mealer
Zac Heuter

Kurt Wermers

Rocko Khoury

WR 2-3Darryl Stonum

Michael Floyd

Jon Baldwin

Vaughn Carraway
TE 1-2Brandon Moore

Kevin Koger


DT 1-2Mike Martin

DE 1-2
Jamaar Jarrett
Nick PerryShayne Hale
LB 2-3Marcus Witherspoon Kenny Demens

J.B. Fitzgerald

S 1-2
Brandon SmithSpencer AdamsRahim Moore

Vaughn Telamaque

CB 1-2Boubacar Cissoko
Robbie GreenJ.T. Floyd

Cameron Saddler

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“Recruiting Update: 9-28 Edition”