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Oregon Reactions

Even in the first quarter, when Michigan was winning or the game was at least close, the fan noise was pathetic. The Ducks, used to the mayhem of Autzen, must have been laughing at the poor effort.

Ryan Mallett looked OK in his time in action, about as expected for a true freshman. Hopefully, when he is pressed into starting action next week, he will be able to step up his game, outplay Jimmy Clausen, and beat the Irish.

Pressed into starting action, you ask? Chad Henne suffered a lower leg injury in the second half, and, for he first time in his Michigan career, will not play a game.

The defense again stiffened up in the second half, but they need to come together before that to not let games get out of hand.

The defensive line is adequate but not great, the linebackers are a notch below that, and the secondary, aside from Morgan Trent (pleasant surprise of the year so far), and to a lesser degree the safeties, is pathetic.

The offense is able to move the ball, but too many mistakes, including penalties, prevent them from finishing.

Playing Oregon exposed the lack of creativity in the Michigan coaching staff. The Ducks ran reverses, Statue of Liberty plays, and even a fake statue to QB Draw.

Why the hell was halftime so long? The marching band finished in about 10 minutes, and nothing happened for another 10. A blowout like this game shouldn't have lasted nearly 4 hours.

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“Oregon Reactions”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Here is the combination that saves Michigan Football!

    Les Miles as head coach...

    BRIAN KELLY as the OC

    Brian would take our recruits to the next level and Les could do his thing!!!

    If Michigan is serious about being a top 5 program again, pay the big dollars and get these two Midwest guys to team up!!!


    Les Miles as Head Coach
    Brian Kelly as OC

    Send this idea to Martin!!!

    Les Miles as Head Coach
    Brian Kelly as OC

    Les Miles as Head Coach
    Brian Kelly as OC

    Les Miles as Head Coach
    Brian Kelly as OC