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Non-Football Thoughts about PSU Game

Unlike Tim, I was at the game on my student ticket sitting standing in section 29, row 23. I have to say the crowd got pretty loud around me, but there were the requisite douchebag Michigan fans.

What really got me was the kid in front of me on third down did the key play thingy without any keys. He was doing all the bad parts of the key play without the small benefit of the noise made from jingling keys.

I decided to once again pocket some change and buy a water bottle on the way to the game. By the second Penn State drive I was nicely hydrated and had the loudest noisemaker $1.19 can buy. I have to say, if the entire student section did this (a la OSU 2005), it could make a difference. I can even give it a stupid name in order for people like it. Third down is no longer a "key play", but rather a "game changing play." Hell, you could probably get a bank to sponsor free water bottles at the gates.

The biggest cheer of the game probably came when Mike Hart limped off the field, and then ran back on after the time out. No matter what Hart does, he energizes the fans. There were fewer than normal people who wanted to throw the ball every single down. People are starting to realize that the best game plan is turning around and giving the ball to Hart.

I got a text message from my buddy (formerlyannonymous) in the third quarter saying "Omg fullback shuffle misdirection" I felt the same way.

Finally, after wins, one of my favorite things to do is read through the open thread on MGoBlog. When you know the story has a happy ending you can smile knowingly at how (justifiably) bi-polar we Michigan fans are. There was one quick back and forth that had me falling out of my chair:
Our space emmporer should start aiming for the corners.
Mike74 | 09.22.07 - 4:30 pm | #

There are no corners in space
KBlow | 09.22.07 - 4:31 pm | #
It could just be because I'm taking a course on the philosophy of space and time, but I prefer to think Michigan fans are just damn witty.

“Non-Football Thoughts about PSU Game”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i got the same text message. earth shattering...

  2. Anonymous formerlyanonymous Says:

    unless you have tits and are from texas, you didnt get it from me.

    and yes, there are no corners in space had me laughing for hours.