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The Artis Chambers Ineligibility Debacle

On the ride back from Northwestern, one of my compatriots received an e-mail from TheWolverine.com with the cryptic message that Artis Chambers had played in games this year while he was ineligible. Knowing that this could mean very bad things, we tried for the remainder of the trip to find out what the deal was, to no avail.

Upon returning, I did some research (yes, I spent my Saturday night looking for football information) and found the following:

Artis Chambers played this year while he was deemed academically ineligible. Somehow, Michigan violated the rules by letting him enroll early even though he wasn't cleared to do so. Chambers played on special teams in the Penn State, Notre Dame, Oregon, and App State games, and played defense in mop-up time in the Notre Dame blowout.

Apparently, however, the only game that was threatened (in terms of forfeiture) was the Penn State game. GBW is reporting that it is unlikely UM will be forced to forfeit the game.

More information, as well as postgame analysis of the Northwestern victory, will be coming later.

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“The Artis Chambers Ineligibility Debacle”

  1. Anonymous formerlyanonymous Says:

    while you're on this journalism binge, what's the deal with antonio bass? I haven't heard anything since spring practice. he's still listed as on the team (injured reserve) from what I have found.

    the question came up on the mgoblog open thread.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    The NCAA deals with ineligible players and U of M may have to forfeit all games Artis played in. It is out of the Big 10's hands.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It's amazing to me as one looks through the comments posted on Artis Chambers, so my response is that get facts straight, read the article released from AP and try to not comment on things that you aren't or shouldn't know about. I think that Anonymous Says has no idea what he's talking about; no clue on the difference between NCAA and The Big Ten so as I leave you get your facts straight