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Quentin Patilla, Robbie Thornbladh face Assault Charges

...and the Offseason of Infinite Pain continues.

I heard about this at the time, but didn't post about it because my only tip was one of my friends (who was there) saying "Quentin Patilla and another football player beat the hell out of some guy at Touchdown's." She didn't know who the other guy was, and I didn't find any confirmation anywhere, so I held off on it.

Neither player was listed on the fall roster. Thornbladh was a walkon, and his removal from the team means next to nothing. Patilla famously switched positions about 300 times this offseason (eventually finding himself buried at the FB position), before being (maybe) removed from the team, so losing him wouldn't hurt the team much at all, except in terms of reputation. Michigan is uncharacteristically kicking ass in the Fulmer Cup this year.

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“Quentin Patilla, Robbie Thornbladh face Assault Charges”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Tim: Your comments about the two players shows absolute no support and you are not a journalist. Your friends comments are heresay. Are you a Appalachian State fan or something. Read Bo's books and learn something about showing a little integrity. And don't you ever wear another item that say's "Michigan".