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Media Day notes

A couple quick things, and I'll post a bunch of pictures tomorrow. I took 400, so after paring it down there should still be plenty.

  • Brandon Graham lost a bunch of weight this summer. He looks to be in really good shape to play at the defensive end.
  • Marques Slocum worked out with various other athletes while he wasn't eligible to join the team - including Michael Phelps. Slocum is a huge guy, and it seems like he'll be a major factor on the DL. Also, he said the reason he persisted to become a Wolverine was: "I didn't give up on them because Coach Carr never gave up on me."
  • Manningham said his knee was fine, and he could have participated in spring drills, but didn't as a precaution. He spent all spring watching film instead.
  • Bryan Wright will kick off, and various players pegged him as the favorite to win the PK job.
  • Greg Mathews expects to play a big role in the offense this year, especially with UM losing its leading receiver in Steve Breaston.
  • Speaking of Breaston, he speaks to his cousin, incoming freshman Toney Clemons, every day on the phone. He is practicing well, but Arizona is too hot this time of year (hear that, recruits looking at southern schools because of the weather?).
Photo album tomorrow, and maybe some interview clips coming on the next slow news day.

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“Media Day notes”