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'09 Recruiting: Orchard Lake St. Mary's

I took in the Orchard Lake St. Mary's scrimmage yesterday against Clarkston High School. The St. Mary's Eaglets feature two '09 prospects in Dion Sims and Christian Brandt.

Dion Sims - The St. Mary's roster listed him at 6'6", 235. Most reports I've seen on him list him a little shorter a 6'5", and I tend to think that those are correct. Sims's legs and ass are huge, and he definitely has the look of a college TE, rather than the WR/TE hybrid he is listed at. He lines up with his hand down on about half the offensive plays he's in the game. He had one spectacular catch, where he really had to climb the ladder to get the ball. On defense, he played SLB, but didn't show good instincts on that side of the ball in reading and reacting to plays. He looked lilke he really belongs on offense.

Christian Brandt - Though listed as the state's #18 class of '09 prospect by Allen Trieu of GoBlueWolverine, Brandt really did not look like a Division I player. Thuogh he has decent measurables for the tackle position at 6'6", 285, he did not carry his weight well at all, looking fat, rather than athletic (even offensive linemen should look athletic - look at Dann O'Neill). The only way he'd get looked at by D-I schools is if he really busted his ass to get into shape over the course of the next year. On the field, he was decent, but not dominating, like you'd expect a D-I prospect to look against much smaller opposition.

I will take in anither St. Mary's game the 25th, as they face against Boubacar Cissoko and William Campbell, along with the rest of the Detroit Cass Tech Technicians. It will be interesting to see how a short corner like Cissoko matches up against a tall wideout in Sims.

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“'09 Recruiting: Orchard Lake St. Mary's”