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Roster Update

MGoBlue has posted the 2007 football roster.This means we know all the incoming freshman numbers, not just those that were available from the spring game (or able to be guessed).

The freshmen are numbered thusly:

Warren #6
Mallett #15
Clemons #17
Hemmingway #21
Babb #26 (WR)
Woolfork #29
Rogers #30 (DB)
Helmuth #32
Evans #33
Horn #34
Chambers #38
Williams #40
Molk #50
Van Bergen #53
Herron #58
Webb #80
Watson #81
Slocum #91
Sagesse #95

Mallett, Chambers, and Helmuth were already known from the spring game; it had been rumored Warren would be #6 and Clemons #17.

Other item of note: Absent are Schifano, Patilla, and McKinney. Are they off the team? They will remain on the eligibility chart pending further confirmation.

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“Roster Update”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Carr confirmed this week that Schifano has given up football and McKinney has a "medical condition". Patilla has been/is still an unknown.