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Recruiting Perspective

The Stonum commitment was expected, and he is gladly welcomed. The Weinke commitment wasn't expected, but was certainly not a surprise, and he is welcomed as well.

Stonum is a high four-star player, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't become a five-star player by the time the final Scout rankings come out. He is a tall(ish) receiver, around 6'2", and speedy as well, with a 4.4 forty-yard time. The main area that it seems as though Stonum could improve is his strength, which will undoubtedly increase with some time in a college weight-training program. Stonum was in Michigan's top tier of WR targets for the '08 class, along with Jon Baldwin, so he was the guy the coaches want. With Baldwin reportedly favoring Notre Dame, Stonum's commitment is huge for this recruiting class.

Weinke is a high-three or a four-star qurterback. He has been invited to this summer's Elite 11 competition, so while his name may be a little unknown, his skills are nothing to sneeze at. He only recently appeared on the radar, but this was more likely due to exposure than the caliber of player that he is. Weinke was the best week-long camper at the quarterback position, and while he may not be the super that some fans want every year, he is not a sleeper, either. Weinke will probably redshirt his freshman year, putting him two classes behind Ryan Mallett. While he is more highly rated than David Cone (who will likely be Mallett's backup), Cone will have spent two years under the tutelage of Scot Loeffler by the time he is serving as second-in-command.

Both of these players are quality pickups on the offensive side of the ball, leaving Michigan with only a couple more meeds there (RB (McGuffie?) HB(?) (C. Wilson?), maybe one more OT and TE). The rest of the recruiting efforts for the year will likely be spent on the defense, looking for an elite DE, maybe another DT, a couple more linebackers, and a host (hopefully 3-4) of defensive backs.

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“Recruiting Perspective”