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Recruiting Board Update

My work will never be as extensive as MGoBlog's, so just take it for what it is.

Current Commits: 12Projected Scholarships: 17

QB 1CommitsPresumed LeansProspectsLongshots

John Weinke

Steven Threet (07)

RB 1-2Sam McGuffie
Jonas GrayDarrell Scott

Christian Wilson
Covaughn Deboskie
OL 4-5Dan O'Neill
Zebrie Sanders

Elliott Mealer
Kevin Zeitler

Kurt Wermers
Zach Schlink

Rocko Khoury

WR 2-3Daryll StonumFred SmithJon BaldwinMichael Floyd

Vaughn Carraway
TE 1-2

Brandon Moore

Kevin Koger


DT 1-2Mike Martin

DE 1-2
Nathaniel WilliamsNick PerryKavario Middleton
LB 2-3Marcus Witherspoon
J.B. FitzgeraldJon Major

Shayne HaleSteve Filer

Brandon Beachum
S 1-2
Brandon SmithWill Hill

Spencer Adams
CB 1-2Boubacar CissokoMarc AnthonyRobbie Green
Cameron Saddler

Glenn Winston

Stonum and Koger have been moved to committed, and Middleton was dropped from TE recruiting (he will be pursued as a DE). Christian Wilson moved to presumed lean. Hale and Saddler moved to presumed leans (UM and WVU in top 2). With the addition of Threet to QB commits (though he is an '07 recruit), all other prospects removed from the board, as Michigan is done at the position. Fred Smith moved to presumed lean.

McGuffie, a presumed lean, keeps having his announcement pushed back. Most recently, it was to be this coming Sunday night, but it has been pushed back again.

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“Recruiting Board Update”

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    And I don't think I gave you permission to leave town. How dare you leave us hangin'!