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Mike Cox commits to Michigan

Mike Cox, a running back from Avon, Connecticut, has reportedly committed to become a Wolverine. Cox is a sleeper who impressed coaches at the Michigan summer camp. When they offered him this weekend, he did not hesitate to pull the trigger for the maize and blue.

Cox picked Michigan over Duke, BC, UConn, and Maryland, though he had been picking up interest from some bigger programs (i.e. Penn State) lately. He is a north-south runner with good size, who is a likely "Mr. Inside" compliment to Sam McGuffie's "Mr. Outside," though neither runner is incapable of going the other way. From reports, Cox sounds like a taller, less elusive version of Mike Hart.

With this commitment, Michigan is full at the true RB position for this recruiting class (Say goodbye to your Michael Shaw, Jonas Gray, or Darrell Scott pipe dreams). They will likely pick up an H-Back (Christian Wilson) to polish off the offensive backfield.

9:30 Update: Scout confirms commitment.

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“Mike Cox commits to Michigan”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    As reported on another blog:

    "Cox isn't a 100% solid verbal - he said he's "pretty sure" he'll stick with Michigan, so he might bail. That's reason number one why it shouldn't impact Gray - if it comes down to it, Gray will get a shot at playing before Cox. Sam McGuffie's commitment will impact Gray more than Cox's decision."

    Accurate? Dunno. But with McGuffie in the fold, Grady and Minor having experience and 2 years of eligibility each coming into next year (assuming Grady takes a medical redshirt this season), Carlos Brown still determined to work his way into the backfield mix, etc.....there's a lot more for Gray to consider than a sleeper recruit in Mike Cox.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Mike Cox is a personal friend of mine and he is going to Michigan, there's no doubt about it. I've had the pleasure of growing up with this kid and he is a helluva player, one of the fastest people I know and strong as an ox. Ohio State will fear the name Mike Cox