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Commit #9... but not who you think...

This is usually Tim's territory, but he's currently up North, so he left me to monitor the commitments over this weekend. He sent me an e-mail letting me know that Daryl Stonum was going to announce this Sunday as well as be on the look out for a commit from Sam McGuffie. So I did my homework on those two guys so I won't sound completely like a fish out of water.

So I get home from work around 10pm and check Scout for any Stonum news. I see an article that says "Michigan Gets Commit #9!" So I'm getting ready to throw the stuff up about Stonum or McGuffie when I click the link and see John Wienke's kind of smiling picture staring back at me.

So... Michigan gets its clip-board holder for the Ryan Mallet era. Luckily John Wienke (6'5" 205lbs) looks to be a decent back-up prospect. He was selected as an Elite 11 Quarterback and put up some decent numbers (3221 yards. 56% completion rate, and 34 TDs to only 7 INTs) his junior year at Tuscola HS.

I'll update the recruiting chart and keep my eye on Stonum's announcement that should on around 11:15pm EDT.

“Commit #9... but not who you think...”