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Sam McGuffie, Tex. RB, is Michigan's top prospect and #1 at the position this year. McGuffie's team, Cy-Fair in metro Houston, will be on ESPN2 October 18th as they take on their rivals of Cy-Falls.

(famed) YouTube clips of Sam:
THE Leap (most famed of them all)
McGuffie Mixtape (someone with the editing abilities of a 6-year-old put rap songs behind almost all of Sam's clips and didn't edit to the music. This one contains pretty much all of the best clips)
Another leap (this one shot with a poor-quality camera, and less impressive)
Receiving TD (not in the highlights video, and only reception of his I've seen on YouTube)

McGuffie will be in Ann Arbor starting June 9th. His father will be with him as well. It is expected that Texans Troy Woolfolk and Brandon Herron will be in town for their orientation sessions, and they will assist in recruiting him, as well as their high school teammate, rising senior Darryl Stonum. Ryan Mallett will be in town as well (the whole summer?), and is expected to aid in recruiting duties as well.