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Marcus Witherspoon commits

NJ Linebacker Marcus Witherspoon has committed to Michigan He was mentioned in yesterday's recruiting recap.

Witherspoon, who had his unofficial visit to Ann Arbor this weekend, projects as a Will linebacker. He had already been on campus once with his high school coach, but his dad came along on this visit as well. When dad liked the place as much as Marcus, he committed.

Also along for the weekend was fellow NJ Linebacker J.B. Fitzgerald. All reports are that Fitzgerald enjoyed his visit as well, but he intends to take some official visits (USC among them) before making his final decision.

Georgia DT Omar Hunter was also in town, and was expected to commit shortly after his visit. He has indicated that he will make his announcement this weekend, regardless of where he decides to commit. Expect another post in this fashion if (when?) he goes Blue.

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“Marcus Witherspoon commits”