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DT Commitment

Georgia DT Omar Hunter, he of the imminent commitment, instead pledged his word to become a Fighting Irish... man, citing depth chart issues. However, Michigan instead picked up a commitment from instate DT Mike Martin, from DCC.

Hunter's offer list is far more impressive than Martin's, with notable names like USC, Oklahoma, and Florida hard on his trail (and a top 5 of UM, ND, USC, OSU, & UF), but no worries - those in the know say Martin's lack of offers was due more to underexposure than being a far inferior player.

Martin is a wrestler in high school,
much like Terrance Taylor, and OL commitment Dan O'Neill. In fact, Martin was the state 285-lb champion (in a bracket that also featured O'Neill, the 7th-place finisher).

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“DT Commitment”

  1. Blogger Maize Says:

    Here's the difference between the two...Omar breaks his leg and Mike breaks legs, backs, arms, etc.

    I am will to wager that Mike will be a more productive DT than Omar.