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Catching up with some former Wolverines

Long time no post (arrgh boring offseason), so here's a little bit of info on a couple of recent Michigan graduates.

Jerome Jackson (looks good)
Alan Branch

I'll be out of town this week, so unless Paul posts something, don't expect a ton of content. When I come back around, I plan to do more editorializing-type stuff, rather than just posting straight news, so look forward to it.

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“Catching up with some former Wolverines”

  1. Anonymous FormerlyAnonymous Says:

    paul post some baseball

  2. Blogger Paul Says:

    I'm going to the games either tomorrow or Sunday, but there won't be a huge write up since this is a football blog.

    PS. How's Texas?

  3. Anonymous Formerly Anonymous Says:

    They're currently 4th in RPI but who cares, Michigan is 40th.

    As of Tuesday we were projected in a Long Beach State regional in the field of 64 as a 3 seed. Damn Big10 as a mid-major conference. Tis a shame the Gophers who ranked 1 RPI less than Michigan get the projected College Station (Texas A&M) regional as a 3 seed. Thats only a good 2 hours away.

    And quoting Tim first post:
    "So this is my new blog where I will be discussing Michigan Football. I might occasionally talk about other sports"

    And I'm pretty sure we got basketball in april(thank you Beilein)