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Spring Practice Questions

Paul and I will be attending the final spring practice this Saturday, armed with cameras (video and still) and our comprehensive note-taking abilities. There is a high likelihood that we are able to interview a player or two, especially among those who won't be participating in full (Nobody important: Hart, Long).

If you have anything that you want us to take a closer look at, something you want video or pictures of, or any questions you want us to ask, post them in the comments and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

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“Spring Practice Questions”

  1. Blogger Jim Harbaugh Scramble Says:

    Can you ask an upper classman player what they think of ryan mallet so far?

    and ask them if they are finally ready to beat OSU now that troy smith is gone.

  2. Anonymous Gary Says:

    Keep an eye out for the presence of Bass, Arrington, and C. Brown.

    Please ask Debord if he's figured out an answer to this self-imposed question/statement of idiocy:

    “I’d run the ball again. When you’re getting sacked, tell me how you’re going to keep throwing the ball and you’re going to make improvements? I don’t understand that. So no. I’d run the ball. I wouldn’t do anything different.”

  3. Blogger James Says:

    If you guys could ask about offensive creativity, esp. RE the Rose Bowl play calling. Will we throw to set up the run? Or will we simply run out of the I like last yr and only throw when absolutely necessary?
    OK here's a better way to word it..wil Henne be used as a weapon instead of a fallback when the running game isn't going so great?

    Also, about the rebuilding of the D. How will the issues that were so greatly exposed in the 2ndary in the last two games be resolved with so many new starters on D.

    Thanks guys, glad I get a spring ball report all the way out here in NJ.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Is Sam McGuffie coming to town?

    Keep an eye on our d-line, and watch Panter. Is he going to be legit, or going to just be "a guy on the field", or on the sidelines?

  5. Anonymous rlc Says:

    Not sure how to phrase this the best way, maybe someone can form it better?

    Last year the D line was excellent against the run (by requiring double teams and saying in holes), and as a result the linebackers were able to be athletic and move to the ball quickly. With the loss of Branch/Woodly, and the linebacker changes, can the defense continue to be as quick and aggressive this year?

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    As per rumors heard recently:
    Kevin Grady good to go?
    Carlos Brown still here?

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I would love to hear about performances on (if they play):
    B. Graham
    And our secondary...as in do we even have one? Lots of soft zone?

  8. Blogger Mike Says:

    Ask everyone you talk to if they think John Beilein can recruit in the PSL.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Anything on the young guys, like Savoy, Mallet, whatever you can get!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Sally Martin (wife of bill), Emily Carr (daughter of lloyd), or Mary Sue Coleman?

  11. Blogger Colin Says:

    Echoing what another guy said, some answers regarding the Rose Bowl and our gameplan would be super-awesome-fun. Maybe something regarding the thoughts on how well the zone blocking scheme was executed last year and how it will improve this year. Things about players at positions with critically low depth, like WR, DE, TE, and CB. Figure out who they expect to win the starting LB jobs at this point. Figure out who they expect to win the CB job opposite Trent at this point.

    Ask questions about innovating on offense and defense and what that means to whoever you're asking.

    Could you get some short video clips of Mallett's throwing mechanics? Cones? Also, if they do go into a full scrimmage at any point, some widescreen video/picture footage of that showing their alignments and spacing and formations would be sweet. I'd love to have both stills and video.

    Man, there's so much and there's only two of you and you probably won't get to read this anyway...have fun?!