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OH OL Elliot Mealer Commits

OH Offensive Lineman Elliot Mealer has committed to Michigan. He is a lifelong Ohio State fan, but did not have an offer.

Mealer is an honorable mention on Jim Stefani's top offensive linemen, putting him outside the top 75, but in the next approximately 4000. HOWEVER, Jim said his OL rankings are old, and Mealer is among his top 75 prospects now, as he has had a big boost after his film has gone around.

Some film 4 u.

Mealer has implied that TE Kevin Koger, one of his good friends, may have his mind on committing to Michigan as well. Koger currently holds an offer from Michigan.

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“OH OL Elliot Mealer Commits”

  1. Anonymous 97Alumni Says:

    RE: Mealer - I like him, he seems to have some wheels and to really get after it. He also seems to have good awareness of where his RB is and adjusts on the run. Great athletic ability for a big guy IMO. Most of the other tackles look very "lumbering" on film.

    He isn't pancaking everyone, but I think some of that has to do with him blocking on the run a lot, and some with him being a TE... I wonder how he will do with pass blocking...

  2. Anonymous Napoleon Says:

    I'm not to sure about this guy being a contributer in Division I football. I played against him when I was corner his sophomore year, and my break down was that he really was a bum. For the video , you might as well and crumble that all up and throw that in the trash can, because all of these teams are punching bags of Wauseon's conference aka Northwestern & Illinois. I notice that a majority of the highlights are against a Montpelier (light blue team), and for the many of you who do not know what Montpelier is or who they are let me tell you one thing Montpelier not only sucks, they are lucky to win a game all year. Most of these people that he is knocking over are plenty smaller than him. This really bothers myself and my brother, because to be quite honest with you both of us think he is soft as candy, and we are half his size.

    I know he is only a junior right now, but his strength could definitely improve. I say this because Mealer got out-muscled for a ball near the end of the game. The play was inside the ten yard line and Wauseon needed to score a touchdown to tie the game. It was a pass to Mealer and the ball was thrown a little high, so it was a jump ball. Mealer and the opposing safety went up for it and the safety pretty much just ripped that thing out of his hands. I did not see this play personally, but my brother who was near the play saw it happen told me about and I saw it on film.

    I hate the fact that I have to say that Michigan might not be scouting their recruits all that hard, but it really makes me wonder when this kid is being offered a scholarship. I really hope I am wrong, because linemen are so valuable for Michigan.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Napoleon, I was also @ that game you are speaking of. When you have one player, the receiver, Eliot Meuler in this case going up filed and a DB seeing the ball and going towards it, it's hard to get the ball when you're going away from it opposed to a person who is heading right for it. That's a sorry way to explain why Meuler is not strong...I guess that's why you are not playing anywhere now nor are you a recruiter for UM. I guess Michigan's recruiting is completely dumb and they don't know what they're doing up there..good thing we got you here.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    napoleon what are u talkin about ill give it to you that a lot of his highlights are against montpeiler but about half are against archbold and that shit ass school about 10 minutes south of wauseon. and that pick he got "out muscled for" at the end of the game was a terrible pass that shouldnt have been thrown. but hey what do i know im not from napoleon thus making me inferior anyway.

  5. Anonymous Napoleon Sux COCK Says:

    Ayyyooo Napoleon... your a fuckin hater and ya need to come up 108 and have me shut your cock sucker for ya. Mealer is a beast. Better get a clue.....