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Scholarship Count

This is based on the Spring Roster with the addition of Adrian Arrington. I only accounted for 74 scholarships (out of 79). The maximum is 85, but 3 scholarships were for the players who have since been dismissed, one was for Forcier, who be wit dem Cardinal now, and one for
mixon, who be wit dem Falcons. McKinney and Schifano have both quit the team. The status of Quinton Patilla is up in the air. This discrepancy of 5 should mean that there are more scholarships for the next recruiting class than many think (for next season, they will probably be given to some senior walkons). More walkons will be added before the season.

9-17-07 Johnny ears booted for dat herb.

Current scholarship players

2007 eligibility expiration - 9
Jamar Adams*
Anton Campbell
Shawn Crable
Brandent Englemon
Chris Graham*
Michael Hart*
Chad Henne*
Jake Long
Adam Kraus

2008 eligibility expiration - 20
Adrian Arrington
Jeremy Ciulla
Grant DeBenedictis
Doug Dutch
Brett Gallimore
Kevin Grady*
Brandon Harrison*
Tim Jamison
Will Johnson
Brandon Logan*
Mario Manningham*
Mike Massey
Alex Mitchell
David Moosman
Austin Panter*
Charles Stewart
Terrance Taylor*
Johnny Thompson
Morgan Trent
Cory Zirbel

2009 eligibility expiration - 18
Antonio Bass
Justin Boren*
Carlos Brown*
Stevie Brown*
Carson Butler
Andre Criswell
Brandon Graham
Greg Mathews*
Tim McAvoy

Chris McLaurin
Zoltan Mesko
Brandon Minor*
Mark Ortmann
Adam Patterson*
LaTerryal Savoy

2010 eligibility expiration - 30
Zion Babb*
Greg Banks
Artis Chambers*
Toney Clemons*
David Cone
Perry Dorrestein
Marell Evans*
Obi Ezeh
John Ferrara
Vince Helmuth*
J.R. Hemingway*
Brandon Herron*
Avery Horn*
Mark Huyge*
Jason Kates
Ryan Mallett*
David Molk
Jonas Mouton
(Quinton Patilla)
James Rogers*
Renaldo Sagesse*
Steve Schilling
Steven Threet*
Ryan VanBergen*
Donovan Warren*
Steve Watson*
Martell Webb*
Michael Williams*
Troy Woolfolk*
Bryan Wright

*Unused redshirt - Threet must use his redshirt in 2007.

Total – 59 + 17 Fall freshmen

Unused Scholarships – 10 (7 from Germany, Richards, Forcier, Mixon, McKinney, Schifano, Sears)

Possible big trouble – Arrington, as yet unforeseen misbehavers

Possible Early entry – Manningham, Arrington, Taylor

Possible Transfer Candidates – C. Brown

Unrenewed 5th Candidates – Gallimore, DeBenedictis, Dutch


William Bostic
Sam Buckman
Jon Conover
Shakir Edwards
Jason Gingell
Sean Griffin
Matt Hornaday
Ankit Kachhal
K.C. Lopata
Patrick Lyall
Ian McComb
David Middleton
Mike Milano
Lee Mondol
Mark Moundros
Tim North
Bryant Nowicki
Jason Olesnavage
Ohene Opong-Owusu
Max Pollock
Michael Ramirez
Jon Saigh
Nick Sheridan
Robbie Thornbladh
Ben Wright
Jeff Ziegler

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“Scholarship Count”

  1. Anonymous Dave110 Says:

    Don't forget Marques Slocum will (hopefully) be going on scholarship in the fall, giving him RS-Freshman eligibility. Also, Mark Moundros was given a schollie during spring practice. Not sure if it's one year only or full.