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Martin on Coaching changes

Present (W Basketball), potential (M Basketball), and future (Football). From the Detroit News.

Martin keeps and open mind

Interesting tidbit for those who think Lloyd will hand-pick his successor (Debord):

Q . Would you like coach Carr involved in the process to find a successor?

A . I would say that I would seek Lloyd's input, but I don't think I would want a coach directly involved in the process. I think you need to be able to step back, take a long look at the program and decide what's in the best long-term interest of Michigan football. There's no question that that's an absolute critical objective.

And more interesting-ness on playing App. State:

Q . A lot of fans have criticized the school's decision to play Appalachian State in football next season. What's your take on that and your philosophy about football scheduling?

A . We thought we had a Division I opponent up until the final moment. Now, we didn't get it, but we had to get a game in place.

If you look at Appalachian State, they're the two-time, I-AA champion. Ask yourself: Do you think they could beat half the teams in the MAC?

I anticipate that we will have one of the top five toughest schedules this year. Look at our home schedule. Everyone wants you to play the top teams every week, unless you're a coach or athletic director. So you have to look at it from both sides.

“Martin on Coaching changes”