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Actual Football Post

Dann O'Neill, an offensive tackle from Grand Haven, has committed to the Wolverines. He's pretty highly regarded, though not exactly OMG shirtless. Probably a 4-star guy.

Jim Stefani has him ranked as the #26 offensive line prospect, regardless of position. Stefani also calls him 6'7", though there are a lot of conflicting reports about his size. Most credible sources have him at 6'5". Also of note in Stefani's post: Michigan targets J.B. Shugarts (#5), legacy Khaled Holmes (#17) , Kurt Wermers (#45).

O'Neill's a very athletic big guy: he wrestles, and finished 7th in the state. He was a commitment waiting to happen, and once his wrestling season ended, he pulled the trigger on a visit to the first spring practice.

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“Actual Football Post”