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Tom Beaver: Rumors False

http://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifI'm not one to quote pay sites (see: , which I generally agree with), but in this instance, I think it's a matter of some importance.

Rumors have been perpetuated on the internet (including those damn bloggers -ed.*) that three players, whose names I will not drag through the mud until this rumor has been in some way substantiated, have been caught with drugs and kicked off the team. Per Tom Beaver, at least the aspect of getting removed from the team is false, and he also stated unequivocally that the law is NOT involved.

Other evidence I can provide, however trivial, circumstantial, or spurious it may seem:

1) I saw one of the players in question yesterday, still wearing his varsity warmups (as most players always do, since they get washed by team trainers), and appearing to show zero concern. Unless this is something that happened overnight or this morning, it is unlikely that he has been kicked off the team.
2) A player (who shall remain nameless, but is not one of the internet-accused) used to hang around my house during the summer, and described the process by which players can be suspended during the offseason. The general idea is that different types of violations charge you with "points," and after you accumulate a given amount of said points in a time period, you get suspended from the team. Positive tests for marijuana, and getting caught possessing marijuana, were not enough (again, this was in the offseason, which is going on now) to warrant a suspension, much less getting booted from the team. Unless these guys were cultivating or selling massive amounts of weed, or were involved with more illicit drugs, I would doubt the credibility of a rumer that simple possession would get them completely booted from the team.

Thus, even if players were caught with illicit substances, the degree of punishment claimed by this rumor is inconsistent with what I have been told is team policy. As of now, I'd consider this rumor completely unsubstantiated. Updates provided when more news becomes available.

*Brent Musburger

“Tom Beaver: Rumors False”

  1. Anonymous Dave W Says:

    All content of this post aside, when I saw that a blog named "Varsity Blue" was linked from MGoBlog, I got all pissed that someone stole my genius, brilliant, brilliant show name. But it turns out the torch is just being carried on, and apparently with more actual legitimate research than I ever put into it ... excellent.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Much homage to the Wong.