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Signing Day has come and gone...

No in-depth info on the signees here, but Michigan did manage to score 20 Letters-of-Intent signed, and the top class in the Big 10.

Rankings are according to Scout. Numbers in parentheses are position rankings.

5* TX QB (2) Ryan Mallett (enrolled)
5* CA CB (4) Donovan Warren
4* MI FB (1) Vince Helmuth (enrolled)
4* IL C (3) Dave Molk
4* CA S (5) Michael Williams
4* MI DE (8) Ryan VanBergen
4* PA WR (10) Toney Clemons
4* CO TE (15) Steve Watson
4* MI TE (17) Martell Webb
4* MI S (17) James Rogers
4* TX SLB (18) Brandon Herron
4* SC WR (26) J.R. Hemingway
4* CA WR (55) Zion Babb
4* KS MLB (JuCo) Austin Panter (enrolled)
3* VA WLB (29) Marell Evans
3* IN S (34) Artis Chambers (enrolled)
3* IN CB (44) Troy Woolfolk
3* CA RB (77) Avery Horn
2* MI OT (33 C) Mark Huyge
2* QC DT (NR) Renaldo Sagesse

Of note: Martell Webb was originally ranked ahead of Steve Watson, and will play both TE and WR. Troy Woolfolk is a legacy recruit (son of Butch Woolfolk), and he and Herron attended the same school, Sugarland Dulles, where a top junior WR (Daryll Stonum) is also a Michigan target. Mark Huyge is ranked as a Center, though he is obviously a tackle project player for Michigan.

Recruits by state:

MI: 5
CA: 4
TX: 3
CO, IL, IN, KS, PA, QC, SC, VA: 1 each

“Signing Day has come and gone...”