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MGoBlog Appreciation

After two attempts foiled by Angry Tim-Hating FireFox, here's the original post, reinterpreted once more.

Brian over at MGoBlog is currently giving out some awards to College Football blogs, and I think he just may be selling himself a little short. If any blog deserves some sort of "most outstanding" award, it would be MGoBlog. I probably wouldn't have even gotten into blogging without Brian, and I know I would have quit by now were it not for his awesome blog.

Not only does he have a hilarious sense of humor, and knack for rattling off some great prose, he is willing to put forth the effort (and has the knowledge) to break down almost every play of every game (Ball State and likely impending Rose Bowl notwithstanding).

Here are a few examples of Brian's awesomeness:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Voracity - Shows off his hilarity in multiple ways (title of post, first part of post).

Upon Further Review Archive - Amazing analysis of essentially every Michigan Football game for the last two years, including some hilarious catchphrases ("Tacopants," "Hennechart? Chart.")

Eleven Swans - Accompanied by Sufjan Stevens's "Seven Swans," this is one of the most beautiful pieces of prose I can remember reading in a long time (Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars is AWESOME for this as well, but not the focus of this post).

Much love to Brian.

“MGoBlog Appreciation”

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