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Basketball Liveblog @ MSU

For the sake of full disclosure, I will be drinking during the game, more heavily as it gets out of hand. I apologize in advance if this gets a little incoherent in the second half.

9:07 Just switching over from Kentucky @ Tennessee. Just in time to see an airballed 3. AWESOME. Game is tied at 3.
9:09 Good defense, bad rebounding, but it eventually results in MSU turning it over.
9:10 Abram misses a terrible look, reminding me why I love BRent Petway. Harris knocks down the three. Nietzel misses a 3, more Petway boards.
9:12 First commercial, 8-7 Michigan with 14:+ in the first half.
9:14 Help Wanted: Michigan State Mascot. Job requirements: Must be douchebag. Petway goaltends a Nietzel layup. It hit the glass before he served it up to be tipslammed.
9:15 Jevohn falls for Hilarious Awesome Wrong Shot Clock Trick; travels. Gray charges to return the turnover favor.
9:16 Petway with a WTF did he hit that? shot.
9:18 Shepherd fouled on what could have been an easy dunk. Goes 2-2 at the line. He looks pretty good guarding Nietzel.
9:19 Deshawn Sims gets hacked going to the rim, no call. Jerret Smith is retarded. 12-9 UM 12:+ in the first. Commercial Break.
9:22 Huge block by Udoh. Me love Udoh. Abram blocked by Suton. Jerret smith blocked by Darwin (L O L!!).
9:23 Abram fouls in the post on a near steal. Terrible entry pass by the Spartans.
9:25 Spartan fans want a travel call on a Petway breakaway. Close call. Offensive foul on MSU. Game is, for some reason, not starting with pain. Ouch, he definitely threw the elbow on the replay.
9:26 Suton misses the open jumper. Keep giving it to him, he can't hit it consistently. Near over the back on State on the rebound
9:27 Dunk by State. Coleman puts back a Courtney miss. DON'T GIVE NIETZEL THE OPEN THREE, DAMMIT.
9:29 Airball by Suton. TV Timeout 18-14 UM 7:+ 1st.
9:32 Courtney Sims turnover. Color me surprised. Shepherd gets it stripped. Good hustle play by Nietzel. Also, Courtney Sims is terrible.
9:33 Timeout 18-16 UM 6:00 1st.
9:35 Turnover by Reed. 5 seconds forced by Nietzel. Nietzel needs to do well, or UM can win this game. He's doing it for the Spartans so far. Moving screen on State. I love it when my college basketball is interrupted by NASCAR on SportsCenter.
9:37 Shot clock violation on State. I believe Udoh blocked that shot to force it. Harris hits a deuce when Nietzel tries to force an offensive foul. Nietzel make up for it with a three on the other end.
9:39 Jerret Smith is retarded. TV Timeout 20-19 UM 3:+ 1st.
9:43 Jerret Smith hilariously banks in a three. Three returned on the other end. Under review. Doesn't actually look like a 3. It's not.
9:45 Timeout State 23-21 UM 1:+ 1st.
9:46 Shot clock violation State. Jump ball allowed by Dion Harris.
9:47 Nietzel hits an open 3. End of 1st Half, 24-23 State. No halftime analysis because I am "thirsty" if you catch my drift.
10:06 "Interesting" foul on Petway, to say the least. Gamebreak for bonus coverage of VT-UNC.
10:10 Back to the game. 25-23 State 18:20 in the 2nd.
10:11 Good post moves by Abram for the 2. Reverse by Raymar Morgan that you can't really do a whole lot about. Sims responds at the other end.
10:13 Courtney Sims is a pussy on the defensive end, too! Udoh faces up for the jumper.
10:14 TV Timeout as Nietzel nearly airballs a three. 29-29 16:00 2nd.
10:16 ESPN shows Tom Izzo hurting his hand punch the whiteboard during the timeout.
10:17 Abram misses with 2 on the shot clock, two Wolverines (D. Sims and Udoh) miss the opportunity for rebound. Steal on defense, turnover on offense.
10:19 Another shot clock violation by State. We have had some surprisingly good defense in this game, especially considering that Smith has been guarding Nietzel most of the time.
10:20 At least Jerret Smith doesn't get hit in the head by passes...
10:21 Sims is a pussy on offense too. Doesn't go up strong for the easy dunk +1. Out off the Spartans. TV Timeout 31-29 State 12:+ 2nd.
10:23 Shot Clock Violation. Again. It was on us this time. I. HATE. COURTNEY. SIMS! Another TV Timeout. 33-29 State 12:00 2nd.
10:26 I don't know if you know this, but Courtney Sims fucking sucks. More bonus coverage. At least I don't have to watch Courtney Sims anymore.
10:32 Back to the game 36-34 State 7:30 2nd.
10:33 Ladies and gentlemen, Air Georgia.
10:33 Ladies and gentlemen, Air Georgia. TV Timeout State about to go up 5, 6:+ 2nd.

A series of unfortunate events has led me to no longer want to watch this game.

“Basketball Liveblog @ MSU”

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