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Varsity Blue

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The sky is falling!

Two decommits in one weekend, but the story behind them isn't as dramatic as it seems like it might be.

Starting with Marquis Maze, he really upset the coaching staff back in the fall by telling them he would take no more visits after committing, then proceeding to not only take more visits, but lie about it to the UM coaches afterwards. He's been a de fecto decommit for quite some time now (did UM even rescind their offer to him?) He was an interesting prospect anyway, who it seemed like UM offered just because he is so damned fast. He wouldn't have had much of a role on the team except for special teams and maybe the occasional trick play. Sam McGuffie, an 08 prospect with similar speed, but more of a pure running back, will hopefully fill the void Maze has left. Best of luck to him with Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

As far as Jerimy Finch, the experts have been feeling like this switch of committment to Indiana was imminent for some time. However, even they aren't too worried about the decommitment of Finch, and think that Michigan will be able to win him back before signing day rolls around. As such, this is definitely a situation to keep an eye on, and hopefully Finch will be Blue on signing day.

“The sky is falling!”