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Recruit-a-palooza continues

Outstanding recruits, and Michigan's chances (desire?) to land them.

Rashad Mason probably wants to go out west, but Michigan wants him really bad. They may end up not taking him just to bank a schollie, if it doesn't look they are going to have a really good shot at him.

Donovan Warren wants to play right away, which would hurt USC's chances of landing him. He has a ton of teammates at both the other California schools, and is expected to go to one of them. Michigan is probably third on his list.

Kourtnei Brown wants to go somewhere warm, and his visit is coming up in the next few weeks. Ain't gon' happen, because it will finally be cold here.

I'm not sure Jeff Boyd is really being pursued that strongly by Michigan. He doesn't seem like a top-top prospect, and grades will be a huge issue with him. Is he worth not taking a super next year?

Ronald Johnson still sits pretty with Michigan. The coaching staff will ride him to Signing Day, when he is set to announce.

Again, no more commits likely except for RoJo, but that's not bad, considering the low number of scholarships starting out next year, and the amount of top talent interested in Michigan.

If Everson Griffen were to decommit from USC in the event of a hypothetical-but-unlikely Pete Carroll job change, I would cry of intense happiness, as we were the runner-up for his services. Even if Carroll were to change jobs, we would need it to happen before signing day.

“Recruit-a-palooza continues”