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Opponent Reports: Early Entries

RB Darius Walker
Players applying for a 5th year of eligibility from the University (not guaranteed to be granted at Notre Dame, though likely that it will be):
S Tom Zbikowski
LB/RB Travis Thomas
TE John Carlson
C John Sullivan
DE Trevor Laws
Possible (Not yet declared):
LB Dan Connor
Possible (Not yet declared):
OG Jordan Grimes
at Illinois*
Possible (Not yet declared):
LB J Leman (Not likely, pursuing a Masters degree at UI)
Possible (Not yet declared):
OC Tony Brinkhaus
WR Anthony Gonzales
Possible (Not yet declared):
WR Ted Ginn, Jr. (Announcing Monday)
RB Antonio Pittmann (Announcing Monday)

It's pretty safe to assume that everyone without a little tidbit of info after their name will be staying for their senior years.

“Opponent Reports: Early Entries”