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The week after

Some observations:

* The majority of OSU people actually weren't that bad, aside from saying "fuck you, faggot" whenever they saw someone in a Michigan shirt
* The fans who were actually bad, were very, very bad.
* I only got one thing thrown at me, and it hilariously missed and hit my cousin (In her Ginn jersey) in the back of the head. She will be the first to tell you that "the back of the head" is not your first choice of where to get hit by an unopened beer.
* I was actually embarrassed for most of the students that tried to make fun of me. I had been unaware that "faggot" was still used as an insult outside of maybe backwater Alabama or someplace.
* Ross Homan is an OK guy.
* ESPN needs to do something about regulating the number of signs at GameDay. It has gotten absolutely out of control, ruining whatever it was that made the idea so cool in the first place.

“The week after”