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Things that are good:

If the only points you give up are on a gadget ply when you are given bad field position, don't sweat it too much. The best player on D was
Lamarr Woodley Did this dude have 700,000 sacks or what? I must say, I'm impressed.
Run game Vandy isn't exactly top-5 defense material, but when you gain 200+ yards running almost exclusively running one play (stretch), it's not exactly a bad sign.
Surprisingly, Garrett Rivas Sure, he had a kick pblocked, but blame that on the O-line, not Rivas. It was on target, just like all his other kicks.

Things that aren't so good:
Chad HennePlease please please snap out of it. He didn't throw many good balls all day. The best pass play was completely made by
Steve Breaston, who looked terrible in the return game. You'd better snap out of it as well.
Right side of the line Lamarr sacks vs. Rueben penalties was clearly the competition of the day. Hopefully, Chad will get more time, and the season will have a chance to turn out better.