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Michigan gains commit #8

Maybe I should read all the news before I decide to post it.

Troy Woolfolk, a 6-0, 180 CB from Sugarland, Texas, has commited to the Wolverines. He is the son of former UM running back Butch Woolfolk.

This makes me wonder about the recruiting of defensive backs. We already have three (though Finch will probably be a weakside linebacker), and have yet to gain commits from the two we apparently covet the most - Ronald Johnson and Dionte Allen. This, combined with the recruitment of players like CA CB Michael Williams ,akes me wonder why we are taking so damn many DBs.

Is defensive back more of a position of need than I thought it would be, is this recruiting a reflection of English's new position giving him more power, or a shift in ideology to a more-speed oriented defense? Only time will tell.

“Michigan gains commit #8”