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Mallett Videos

Scout has posted 3 Mallett highlight videos, and no, I'm not going to repost them, because they're not free. However, I have a few quick points about them that I'd like to say about them.

  • He is not slow. I would say he's much more of, say, a Roethlisberger than a Navarre. He had a play-action QB draw touchdown form maybe the 10 yardline, and he was trucking it in there. Also, there was a play where the protection broke down, and he at least was able to get away form a couple defenders, which brings me to the next point...
  • He actually ran a defender over on that play, and kept on running (though not very far). It certainly demonstrated that he had some pretty strong legs. Also, he plunged forward on a QB sneak touchdown (something we could have used against Notre Dame), and actually pushed the pile behind a pretty weak burst by his o-linemen.
  • He has good pocket presence, and gets the ball out of there petty quickly. When nothing's open, he'll move around in the pocket a bit and wait for something.
  • He is really accurate, which is actually a little surprising, as you hear almost exclusively about his strength, rather than laser-like precision. Like any QB, he made a couple errant throws, but most of them were spot-on. (Keep in mind that this video was only of completions, so maybe the 30% that he didn't complete were piss-poor, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt).
  • He plays from the shotgun and under center about equally, which is to say, a lot more shotgun that he'll ever run at Michigan.
  • He runs some pretty good play action (something his team also does often), and a couple times faked out both the entire defense AND the cameraman. If we move to a more play action oriented offense under DeBord, he should be able to fit right in.
  • He has a couple pretty good teammates, including #4 Joseph Anderson (who, I was surprised to see, was nowhere in Scout's database).
That's all I really took away from it, but if I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post it. I'm still planning on going to his game against Findlay (OH) and trying to get some film, so I'll keep you updated. The film (assuming I get it) will certainly be MUCH MUCH higher quality than any I've ever seen on Scout.

“Mallett Videos”

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