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Jerimy Finch is Michigan Commit #6

Jerimy Finch, SS/WLB prospect from Indianapolis Warren Central High school verbally committed today. He is a big hitter, and a likely four-star prospect.

Next year's recruiting class is looking a lot better than this year's already. At this time last year, we had only two recruits (5* Brandon Graham and 5* Justin Boren, though Boren was only considered a 4* at the time). We should be looking to get at least as many 5* prospects as we did last year, and more 4*, rather than the smattering of 2 and 3 that we ended up with.

I must admit, however, that this past year's class would have been killer save for the Jai Eugene decommit. Oh well, if we end up with RoJo and a couple of our other top DB targets, all will be forgotten.

“Jerimy Finch is Michigan Commit #6”

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