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True Fans

I know I rarely post about basketball, but I think this is relevant to this year's football season as well.

It is easy to be a fan when a team is doing well. The true fans come out when their team isn't doing so hot. It was despicable when Indiana "fans" were cheering against their own team, just so Mike Davis would get fired (or resign, as he eventually did). It is no less despicable for Michigan fans to do the same thing to try to get rid of Amaker.

Amaker isn't going anywhere for a long time. Deal with it. You don't have to agree with how he coaches, or the effort he seems to get from his players sometimes, but that should by no means mean that you support the team any less.

Yes, I wanted the team to go to the NCAA tournament, and no, it didn't happen. Well, they're still playing basketball folks. If you forget about them now, then maybe you aren't the true fan you thought you were to begin with.

“True Fans”