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2006 Student T-shirts

EDIT 3-15: If you were linked to this post, check out The main page to see which shirt was selected. In case it's been pushed off the main page, the post of interest is right here.

Here are the possibilities that students have the choice to vote on for the front of the 2006 student section T-shirt:




I forgot to save the images of the potential backs (oops), so I'll have to wait until the design is officially released to post it. Both options were something along the lines of "107,501 fans, 40,000+ living alumni, 11 National Titles, One Voice GO BLUE." I forget exactly what it was, but that was the general idea.

As for my editorial comments on the designs, I think all three front designs are pretty ugly. If the Athletic Department want people to wear the shirt (and I think they should actively pursue it, in case I haven't made my position on the issue clear enough yet), they shoujld at least try to come up with something that's a little aesthetically pleasing. At least they are returning to the yellow shirt, recovering from what was a huge mistake last year (in my opinion).

The shirts still aren't "free" with season tickets, which is what I think they should be. (i.e. not actually free, but you don't have the option to not pay for it). That way, more people will have the shirt, and thus more people will be able to wear it.

I'm not exactly sure that I posted the pictures right, because I have yet to master mfile. If anyone has trouble seeing them (even when you click), leave me a message and I'll fix it.

“2006 Student T-shirts”

  1. Blogger Sean Says:

    Nice detective work to find those pictures, I think I'll have to post a link to this so all Michigan fans can see them.

  2. Blogger Sean Says:

    I posted about the student shirts and included a link coming to this post so all Michigan fans can see them.