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"Money" is the name of an IM basketball team made up of UM football players (and captained by Steve Breaston). I went to their game on Monday to check some of the players out. It was the second game of theirs that I've been to. This time, they put more effort into it, seeing as how it was a playoff game. Unfotunately, however, they lost. Even worse, they pretty much had the game taken from them by the refs (but at least they're used to that).

Adrian Arrington looks a lot lik Vince Young. He is not as tall as I thought he was, but was still usually the tallest guy on the court. He jumped to block one shot, and ended up with his hand more than halfway up the backboard. He was rocking a pair of ankle braces.

Steve Breaston is actually more built than he looks on the football field. He also can jump and grab the rim with pretty much no effort, despite being not particularly tall.

Leon Hall is a lefty with a good outside shot. He was about high middle of the pack in terms of athleticism.

Mike Hart was moving really well, though he stills sports one ankle brace.

Charles Stewart was a more physical basketball player than I would have expected. Hopefully he brings some of his intensity to the field next year, too.

Johnny Sears Jr. is the man that everyone has been asking about for next year. Will he start at #2 corner? Well, here's a brief rundown of the observations I made on him. First, he didn't seems that fast (i.e. not as fast as Breaston, but who really is?), though he seemed very very quick. He also had some ups. Right now, he is sporting an amazing russet-colored afro (it was pulled back in a ponytail for the game). He was also inexplicably wearing one of Jamar Adams's football practice tank tops, complete with name and number (Adams was present at the game as a spectator).

If you have any question about these guys, I may be able to answer a couple of them, so don't be scared to ask.