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I think I know why football players play football...

...because they SUCK at basketball.

OK, so maybe I'm being a little harsh, but for the most part, it's true. While Obi Oluigbo can nail the outside shot, when he misses, it's not even close. Rondell Biggs is a good inside presence, but he has terrible hands, and can't rebound or receive passes. Mike Hart isn't bad, and is actually a pretty good defender. He's just so damn small. I can see Steve Breaston being a dominant high school player. He is fast, and just beats everyone down the court (even if they're in front of him). He can probably jump high enough to dunk, but I didn't see him do it at all. I was actually somewhat surprised at how big (muscular) he seemed. I wish Adrian Arrington would have put in some effort, since we didn't get to see him on the football field this year, I'd like to have a gauge of his athleticism. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to care that much, so that's still somewhat of a mystery.

Mike Hart rocks a brace on the ankle. Steve Breaston had some sort of weird brace on his entire right calf, but I don't know what it was for.

“I think I know why football players play football...”