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Still remembering the Alamo

Sun Belt officials admit some mistakes.

Some of the things they say in this link are dead wrong, too. For one, the back judge was in perfect position to see the Manningham interference call - I was right behind him in the first row, and it was blatantly obvious. The low-tier official was just tricked by the Nebraska player doing the "I'm innocent" pose right after interfering with the receiver.

Also, some of the rules that they cite as example are just plain wrong. According to Section 1 or Penalty enforcement in the NCAA Rulebook, when live-ball fouls are enforced as dead-balls fouls, there is NO offsetting. The penatlies are instead administered in order of occurence. This means that regardless of the penalties called on the final play, there should have been one more down.

There are various other errors that are made in that article, but I don't even really feel like dignifying most of it with a response. Maybe some other time I will.

“Still remembering the Alamo”