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Players Lost/returning

Here are all of the players on the roster who have used up all of their eligibility.

5th Year:
G Leo Henige
G Matt Lentz
CB Grant Mason
TE Tim Massaquoi
DE Pat Massey
LB Scott McClintock
LB Lawrence Reid
OL David Schoonover
T Adam Stenavich
LB Pierre Woods

4th Year:
WR Jason Avant
PK James Bloomsburgh
LB Chip Cartwright
WR Brad Cischke
RB Jason Eldridge
RB Scott Hamel
PK Craig Moore
LB Kyle Myers
DT Paul Sarantos
P Mark Spencer
QB Matt Wilde
DT Gabe Watson

The players from that list on the 2-Deep are Henige*, Lentz*, Mason*, Massaquoi*, Massey*, McClintock, Stenavich*, Woods, Avant*, Watson*.


Other people may also leave though, who have eligibility remaining. Lamarr Woodley is NOT one of these people. He wants another year to prove himself & improve his draft status after being hurt for a lot of the year.

Seniors with eligibility remaining:
P Ross Ryan
CB Darnell Hood
QB Matt Gutierrez
QB Jeff Kastl
WR Steve Breaston
WR Carl Tabb
S Willis Barringer
RB Alijah Bradley
S Mike Carl
FB Brian Thompson
S B.J. Opong-Owusu
FB Obi Oluigbo
LB David Harris
OL Mark Bihl
LS Turner Booth
DT Paul Sarantos
OL Reuben Riley
OL Mike Kolodziej
TE Tyler Ecker
DE Rondell Biggs

Most of these people will likely be returning, with definites being those who are major contributors (i.e. Breaston).

“Players Lost/returning”