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2006 Receiving Corps

I think the group of receivers that we will have should be pretty good next year. From last year, we will have Mario Manningham, Steve Breaston, Antonio Bass, Doug Dutch, and Carl Tabb returning after being major contributors. Also, Adrian Arrington will be back after taking a medical redshirt because of an ankle injury suffered in the Northern Illinois game. As far as tight ends go, Tyler Ecker and Mike Massey should be pretty solid at the position.

As far as positions go, I wouldn't be surprised to see Arrington as the #1 guy, since when he came in, he was supposed to be the next Braylon. This is especially ture, because with his height and speed (6'4" and 4.46, respectively), he should be a pretty decent deep threat. Manningham had an amazing freshman year, and will probably be delegated the #2 man. All I really have to say about that is the marching band better start learning the theme to "Super Mario Brothers." Although Breaston has the most seniority of any of the main receivers, I'd like to see him at #3, only because he seems to flourish in the slot, and not do so well on the outside. Obviously these positions will be shuffled around in different packages, but as far as main sets, I think this should be the way we want to go.

I'd also like to see Antonio Bass continue to get reps at other positions than receiver (i.e. QB and RB). Even if he doesn't end up getting the ball on the play by way of QB Draw, toss sweep, swing, etc., he would certainly serve as a distraction back there. I see him as the same sort of player as Breaston, utilized a little better to show his versatility.

With our current depth at wideout, I don't foresee a whole lot of action from incoming recruits, unless we have a bad year with injuries.

“2006 Receiving Corps”