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A few more Alamo things

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. My computer blew up, so I haven't been able to.

Anyway, I watched Michigan Replay this morning, and here were a few key points that Lloyd and the players talked about:
  1. Lloyd brought up the practice schedule, which included practicing through today, then resting tomorrow.
  2. Nebraska's West Coast offense was a topic of discussion. Unlike traditional Nebraska teams, they are a mainly passing team (gaining twice as many yards through the air as on the ground this season). It is still Michigan's plan to stop the run, forcing the Huskers to beat them with the pass.
  3. Nebraska's D-Line was a topic of discussion, as they led the nation in sacks. However, it didn't seem to be a main focus, and the healthy O-Line should be able to handle them.
  4. Garrett Rivas brought up the fact that this game is being played in a domed stadium. The lack of environmental features has apparently done a lot for his confidence.

The game is at 8PM on Wednesday on ESPN, be sure to watch it.

In related news, I will be at the game, in row AA of the Michigan student section. I'm leaving for San Antonio tomorrow morning. I will probably post again after I get back on Thursday. After a recap post, I will start looking forward to future seasons.

“A few more Alamo things”