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Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 15

1 Oklahoma --
2 Florida --
3 Texas --
4 Penn State --
5 Southern Cal --
6 Alabama --
7 Texas Tech --
8 Utah --
9 Ohio State --
10 Boise State --
11 TCU --
12 Georgia Tech --
13 Georgia --
14 Cincinnati --
15 Oklahoma State --
16 Missouri --
17 Michigan State --
18 Virginia Tech --
19 Iowa --
20 Brigham Young --
21 Pittsburgh --
22 Oregon --
23 Boston College --
24 Northwestern --
25 Oregon State 1

Dropped Out: Ball State (#25).

With no comments on the draft ballot, everything remains as it was. Again, the deltas are inaccurate, so pay them no mind.

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“Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 15”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Looks right, but I would have put Texas ahead of Oklahoma.

    Kidding, kidding!!!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I just realized how F'ed up this is for Boise State. Didn't they just beat OU in a bowl a year ago? And now they have an undefeated season and they still can't get intot he BCS NC game over a one loss OU team? Insane.

    I always thought that if you have repeated double digit win seasons, no matter who you are, you would at some point be recognized for it.

    What is happening here is that there is a precedent being set that it is not possible to go from have not to have in college football. That is dangerous IMO. If the powers that be would rather have that be the case then they should have one league with "powerhouse" teams; USC, Texas, OU, o$u, UM, ND, etc. and another division for your other D-1 programs that don't ever get a far shot anyway.

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    If Boise State wants to get into the BCS, they should play a tougher OOC schedule. They are aware of what conference they play in, so they should schedule some other powers in the non-conference to compensate.

    Also, they are paying for the sins of Hawaii last year, just like Penn State is paying for the sins of Ohio State over the past couple years.

  4. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    In their defense, I don't think teams are standing in line to play Boise State.

    They also have, and are upgrading facilities, and in spending the money to get better facilities, and then recruits, and teams, you can't always play OOC's away. They need asses in the seats to pay for said upgrades.

    They are in a tough spot.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    "If Boise State wants to get into the BCS, they should play a tougher OOC schedule."

    Isn't this negated once they, you know, beat the team that is invited to play in the BSC NC game!?!? Given it was a year prior to now, but they are still comparable. Also, the "big time" conference argument is getting old. Look at the ACC, they used to be considered big time and that was all of 3 years ago. Why not the sudden change of value in the opposite direction for the lesser conferences? It is horse shit, money driven exception making.

  6. Blogger Tim Says:

    Anon, that's a ridiculous argument. The "opposite shift" hasn't happened for the WAC because, as a conference, it sucks. Look at Boise State's strength of schedule: 114th in the country.

    They knew coming into the year that their SOS would be crap, and they had the opportunity to make up for it by scheduling tougher OOC opponents. On top of Oregon they grabbed... I-AA Idaho State, Bowling Green, and Southern Miss. Not exactly a schedule primed for the bigtime.

    I know nothing raises a better point, in that bigtime teams may not want to play them on their home turf. My response? Tough shit. You play in a terrible conference, and if you want respect, you'll have to cut your teeth on the road to earn it.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I didn't realize you had to "cut your teeth" every year... I would have thought beating OU at a BCS bowl game would have given them a little more room for error. They are an established program and deserve a bit more respect than to go undefeated and earn a spot to the Motor Colgate Chase Bank Bowl in my opinion. My point did suck though, but the "tough shit" argument is not much better.

  8. Blogger Tim Says:

    Uh, no. Your argument is terrible. You don't get bowl bids on the basis of what you did two years ago. You get them on the basis of earning them over the course of the season. Boise State didn't beat anyone of note during the season, and that's their fault for scheduling a weak non-con slate, with the knowledge that their conference sucks.

  9. Anonymous santoro Says:

    This, and many other arguments of the like are a complete waste of time until teams have the oppertunity to prove their worth on the field (although Texas did this year and still got screwed) in a playoff. And that will never happen until the money-whore "big-time conference" commishes and presidents get at least some of their diety-like powers wrestled back by the pussy NCAA, which, sadly I cannot see ever happening.

    I agree with Anon that this "big-time conference" bullshit has gotten seriously outdated. If you think that the only quality football is played year in and year out in out in the "big-time conferences" you are nuts and still stuck in 1987. Sure, the big guys are more consistantly good, but smaller conferences should be considered. I hate to say it, but I think if you plunked Boise or Utah in to the Big Ten this year they would be top three. Likewise with the Pac-10. The ACC and Big Easy? Give me a break!! Anyone who thinks Cincy and Va Tech are more deserving a BCS spot than Boise has swallowed too many chinese-made legos in their day.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


    Tough Shit.


    My argument.

  11. Blogger Tim Says:

    Yes, your argument is the one telling me tough shit, when its team is the one sitting on the outside looking in at the BCS...

  12. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    No no no. See my argument talked to your argument and all your argument said was "tough shit", so my argument tried with all its might to become as "valid" as your incredible argument.

  13. Blogger Tim Says:

    My argument was not "tough shit," not at all. My argument was that a team with one of the worst strengths of schedule in the nation does not deserve to play in a BCS game, simply for knocking off the only legitimate competition they played.

  14. Blogger Matthew Hoelle Says:

    Who would have that Boise State would be such a hotly debated topic? For anyone suggesting that a playoff will solve this Boise State "problem" (which I have to agree with Tim is not a problem), in every 8-team playoff scenario that I have heard of, Boise State would still be left out. They are not a BCS conference champ, they would not be an at large selection, and they are not in the BCS top 8. Quit your playoff-mongering.

  15. Anonymous santoro Says:

    The Boise "question" would most certainly by solved with a proper playoff system. Truly I dont give a hoot about Boise but I do give a hoot about my favorite pastime, college football, which has been turned into a laughingstock of a sport rivaled only by pro boxing.

    How would any of you feel if you where a Boise fan? Pissed. I for one would probably loose pretty fast interest if the best my team can do by going undefeated is go the Tampax-Value City Bowl presented by AIG. Or what if Michigan was in Texas' shoes right now? Are you gonna tell me you all wouldnt be going batshit?? Bullshit!!

    "Playoff-mongering". What a fucking joke. Anyone who legitimatly enjoys this rigged, facist system should go play in traffic.