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Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 6

1 Oklahoma --
2 Alabama --
3 Penn State 1
4 Missouri 1
5 Texas --
6 LSU --
7 Brigham Young 1
8 Georgia 1
9 Florida 1
10 Southern Cal 1
11 Ohio State 1
12 Oklahoma State 1
13 Utah 2
14 Texas Tech 2
15 Vanderbilt 3
16 South Florida 9
17 Illinois 2
18 Virginia Tech 6
19 Kansas 2
20 Boise State 1
21 Michigan State 5
22 Florida State 1
23 Kentucky 3
24 Pittsburgh 2
25 Cincinnati 1

Dropped Out: Auburn (#14), Wisconsin (#20), Fresno State (#22), Wake Forest (#25).

Games Watched (listed in the order I watched them): Middle Tennessee-FAU, Boise State-Lousiana Tech, USF-Pitt, Utah-Oregon State, Cincinnati-Marshall, Michigan State-Iowa, Penn State-Purdue, Michigan-Illinois, Bama-Kentucky, Ohio State-Wisconsin, Missouri-Nebraska, Minnesota-Indiana, Notre Dame-Stanford, UConn-UNC, Texas-Colorado, Miami of Florida-Florida State.

Anything look wrong? Anything I need to justify?

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“Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 6”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Ohio State is still way over-rated

  2. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    I know Wisconsin is a 2 loss team and State is 5-1, but do you really think that the Spartans are better than the Badgers?

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    While Wisconsin may be the "better" team (and I think they are, fully expecting them to beat MSU when the two meet), this is a resume ranking, not a power poll.

    The only relevant things are who has put together a better season thus far, not which team is "better" on some absurd absolute scale.

    This week, Wisconsin was hurt not only by their own loss, but also Fresno State (to date their only quality win) and Michigan (to whom the Badgers lost) losing in equally embarrassing games.

  4. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Too harsh on Auburn. They did lose to a ranked team. I would get Pitt out, Auburn back in, and since Pitt goes, S Florida takes a little bigger hit. That is all...

  5. Blogger Tim Says:

    Strongly disagreed on Auburn. What have they done to deserve being ranked?

  6. Blogger Jeff Says:

    What has Cincinnati done to deserve being ranked over Northwestern? Northwestern might not have great wins but neither does Cincy. The same holds for Kentucky.

    Also, why are you so high on Oklahoma State? They haven't beaten any good teams. I'll admit the scores are impressive, but the opponents are not.

    Finally, in your Blogpoll Rountable 4.3 you say that Utah has a stronger non-conference schedule than BYU. I totally agree with that, but your poll does not. Why do you have BYU ranked ahead of Utah?

  7. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Strongly disagree?

    Look, if you want to throw the polls out every week, and re-rank from scratch I see the point. Auburn has won some ugly games, and lost by I think 5 to LSU and 1 to Vandy, both ranked SEC teams. I am not saying they are great, but IMO they are more deserving than both Pitt and Kentucky. My God, Pitt lost to BG, and BG just lost to Eastern, at BG. I didn't see beautiful football in watching the USF/Pitt game. I think Auburn should be listed ahead of both of the mentioned teams.

    But I did agree with most of your poll. Geesh!!!

  8. Blogger Tim Says:

    Very good points, Jeff.

    1) Cincinnati probably does not deserve to be ranked, but I was having trouble finding anyone better to put in that spot. However, you may be right about Northwestern's resume being comparatively better. re: Kentucky, I may move them to 25th, but I thought they put up a good fight against a top-2 team in their only loss so far this season.

    2) Oklahoma State is a similar situation to Oklahoma, wherein they haven't played much of anyone. However, they have definitely performed as you'd expect a top team to perform against "not much of anyone."

    3) Utah played better opponents in the non-conference schedule, but BYU disposed of theirs in more impressive fashions (save the nail-biter against Washington).