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Something I've Never Heard Before

ESPN was in Ann Arbor today to tape a Titletown segment on the city of Ann Arbor. No doubt they'll focus on the dominant Pioneer swim teams!

I went to the shoot after stopping at Moe's to buy a maize shirt, to fit in. There was a decent crowd, maybe 75-100 partisans. What made the scene funnier was the fact that as their setting up and the crowd is warming up and doing some cheers, there are orientation groups being led through the diag on tours. Just another day at Michigan...

Unfortunately the anchor for the section wasn't Dana Jacobsen, but the anchor (Nicole something, I couldn't really here anything from where I was) seemed cool and talked with crowd and whatnot. Anytime Desmond Howard became visible the crowd immediately exploded. One kid shouted "I was born the year you won the Heisman." Kids are so young these days.

I've seen a few of the Titletown segments and it really looks like a quick and easy thing that could have been done live; this is not the case. We did each take multiple times. The producer would give us hand gestures to tell us when to get loud, to cue the band, to let the cheerleaders when to do what they do. I felt like the mob should at least get a small appearence fee for trying to get into to football saturday roudy mode on a Monday at noon.

A couple times the ESPN crew had to reshoot a section because (get this) the fans were TOO LOUD. This could be the only time Michigan fans outside of Yost have ever been too loud. I will remember this always. When the producer told us to cheer quietly during an interview with Desmond Howard, I thought "Finally! Someone playing to Michigan Fan's strengths!"

Overall it was an fun experience even though I could care less about yet another mythical title that the WWL seems intent on creating bi-annually. Hopefully the small group of fans did the University proud. The A^2 T^2 segment will air on the 6 o'clock Sportscenter on July 20th

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“Something I've Never Heard Before”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    I heard that a few farts..i mean frats...are going to have a 24 hour teeter totter fund raiser on the Diag to help raise money for the WV Settlement fund to help RR pay that 1.5 million.