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Pahokee Duo Set to Go Blue?

Though we've all seen what can happen when social networking sites are relied upon to be a source of recruiting information, sometimes the evidence is overwhelming.

Pahokee Blue Devils Brandon Hawthorne and Vincent Smith won't announce their respective college decisions until August 30th, but it appears as though Michigan has a very good shot at landing both. Several readers have chimed in to let me know that each has changed various aspects of his Facebook page to indicate impending commitment to Michigan.

There is a long time until August 30th, and even longer before signing day, but it appears as though both Hawthorne and Smith intend to don a blue hat at their first game this season.

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“Pahokee Duo Set to Go Blue?”

  1. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    I don't know if you have seen it yet, but Barrent has de-soft-committed, or whatever, from Iowa to now a soft-verbal-we'll see commit, or whatever to MSU. An Iowa boy leaving to go to MSU. I do believe there is big trouble out in the 'Corn'. Wow. Now if we can get someone to take the lone recruit Iowa has left, they are just like Washington, 0 fer.

  2. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    And UM is looking for a trio, not a duo from this school. The prize here has already said he is going elswhere, but we shall see. He is the HOMERUN.

  3. Anonymous Obes Says:

    yea nuke richardson is coming with them on their official. oh they've done more than just change they're facebooks, they've flat out said they're coming to Michigan.

  4. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    But the problem is that is 14, and 15, and maybe??? 16, with an official number of 17, already looking like 19 is a solid number available. Where does Carter, Lalota, Jenkins, or these other guys fit. We need more people to quit the team, damnit.

  5. Anonymous Obes Says:

    your name fits, we'll have at least 22 spots and possibly a full class this year

  6. Anonymous I know nothing, but more than obese Says:

    17 now, with at least 2 more, plus maybe an early entry, blah, blah, so yes, 22, okay, I see that, but now you have it to 25. I may know nothing, but I know that anything over 22 isn't going to be known until after the season. And I also know I don't insult people on blind internet message boards.

  7. Anonymous Obes Says:

    you realize we're under the scholarship limit right now, and will be for a few years. we can "over-sign" and get a full class this year.

  8. Blogger Tim Says:

    No fighting, children. As it stands now, this class will likely be around 21 guys.

  9. Anonymous I know nothing! Says:

    It was his fault, Mom, swear, I did nothing.

    This is the most convoluted shart ever. Who knows how many. I think we have 78 officially on scholli now. We have 11 expiring. So I can see 18. I think Boren and FLion are not in the 78, I think. We certainly have 5th year redshirts who may have already indicated they are not coming back. And you will have a group, small as it may be, that will transfer. You need a freaking assistant to the assistant to keep track of this stuff. My point was there are some big needs, and big recruits we are going after. Are we confident we can tell a Jenkins or a Roh, well, we think we have a spot, can you wait till January till we sort it out? Many of these kids have indicated they want to make a pre-hs season choice.

  10. Blogger Tim Says:

    I think that after Hawthorne and Smith announce (presumably for Michigan), you won't see any non-top guys commit to Michigan until close to signing day, except maybe a kicker.